Seamless Connectors using



Create simple and effective point to point connectors between your systems using our secure integration platform.

Move data via REST, SOAP, sFTP and vendor certified integrations or contact us to develop your own custom connectors.


Your data need not travel around the world.


Deploy connectors in your region using our encrypted and secure AWS hosted global infrastructure.

Leverage our pre-built connectors to popular hospitality and enterprise systems. From Enterprise Databases to PMS and CRMs, hconnect helps to unlock your data securely and supported by vendor certified integrations.

* Connector Limits per account may apply. See Pricing page for more details.


One of the push backs from moving to the cloud is 'how can I access my data?'

Business processes for finance, sales and revenue management often hang off data extracted from the PMS and Cloud hosted systems don't allow back end access.

Use Case: Cloud Data to On Prem Databases

hconnect takes Cloud PMS exports, reports and messages and translates these and inserts this into your own Data Warehouse.

From daily to hourly incremental loads of data, Automate connectors can minimise the disruption of moving to cloud.

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